Rodney Meldrum

Rodney L. Meldrum

Rod Meldrum is a researcher, best-selling LDS author, and international lecturer on the validity of the Book of Mormon with an emphasis on its scriptural and physical evidences. He found his passion for research while a senior scientific researcher on a natural sciences book. In 2003, Meldrum began studying issues surrounding the controversy over DNA and the Book of Mormon, which led to a study of the origins of proposed geographical settings of the Book of Mormon. In addition he has spent years of intensive study of the Book of Mormon itself and the historical background and documents associated with it.

Brother Meldrum founded the Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism (FIRM), in 2008. The FIRM Foundation sponsors two International Book of Mormon Evidence Expos and Conferences annually, with additional regional conferences and events throughout the country and worldwide, bringing together dozens of the top LDS speakers for thousands of Latter-day Saints.

Brother Medlrum's goal is that the research will enhance the study of the Book of Mormon and increase faith in its divine authenticity, in the prophetic role of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and lead to a renewed understanding of the sacred covenant God has promised across His Promised Lands. Rod Meldrum and his wife, Tonya, have four children.