Ramy Louis Biography

Brother Ramy Louis

A convert to the LDS Church, Ramy sought out “the Mormons” after visiting (and befriending) 12 other local churches in Bend, Oregon, the community that was his home for more than 15 years. The last of the 12 denominations was the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and yet he still hadn’t found the right fit for his spiritual journey. It was then that he realized the only people he knew absolutely nothing about were “the Mormons”. Due to a previous brief encounter with the Mormon religion while a music producer, there was great reluctance and what he describes as “a good measure of fear” as he walked through the doors of the church in early October 2011, a decision that he would later declare was "the single best decision of my life".

While in Oregon, Brother Louis was the President and CEO of InteliTRAILER Inc., a cargo security technology firm. He also served as the President of the Life Center, a non-profit in Central Oregon and sat on numerous boards including Habitat for Humanity and Serendipity West Foundation. But what held his heart were the 200 high school students at Marshall High School, an alternative school in Bend, Oregon where he was a Life Coach, Counselor, and Educational Assistant who ensured that each student received the best opportunities available to them and helped them to find and reach their full potential. As he put it “my job was to make sure NO ONE got left behind”.