Creating Your Happy Now

Kenny and Melanie Jacobson

It’s time to get off the sidelines of life where we dream of “someday” and wait for the Lord’s plan for us to unfold. His plan has always been for our happiness, and we can find a greater measure of it now regardless of our circumstances. Kenny and Melanie each enjoyed rich, happy single lives before they married, and they’ll discuss how building a strong sense of community and pursuing new passions allow us to create a happy now.

About Melanie Jacobson

Melanie is the author of eight LDS romantic comedies: The List, Not My Type, Twitterpated, Smart Move, Second Chances, Painting Kisses, Always Will, and Southern Charmed. They’re great for Friday night reading with a little chocolate and a side of root beer.


Whitney Finalist 2015: Always Will
Whitney Finalist 2014: Painting Kisses
Whitney Finalist 2013: Second Chances
Whitney Finalist 2012: Twitterpated and Smart Move
Whitney Finalist 2011: The List and Not My Type